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Genealogy (21)
Genocide (48)

Nahichevan-on-Don Info | Rate It
About Nahichevan armenian people
(Added: 3-Apr-2003 | Hits: 67 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe Info | Rate It
Online historical maps showing the countries of Europe at the end of each century from AD 1 to AD 2000.
(Added: 12-Sep-2003 | Hits: 86 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

Poster Campaign for the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide Info | Rate It
An important for the Armenian Cause project which has began recently by few graphic designers and webdevelopers from Europe and United States. Our main objective is to implement an International Poster Campaign for the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide.
(Added: 5-Oct-2001 | Hits: 66 | Rating: 4.33 | Votes: 3 )

Robert Bedrosian's Homepage Info | Rate It
Robert has some amazing scholarly articles and works regarding Armenian history. A must read for anyone wanting to look deeper into the history of Armenia and the Armenians.
(Added: 7-Nov-1999 | Hits: 138 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

Russian history papers Info | Rate It
Russian history - help writing term papers on Russian history and related topics - Russian history issues and topics
(Added: 3-Nov-2001 | Hits: 44 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

The Armenian Enlightenment Chronicle Info | Rate It
Chronicling 6,000 Years of the Greatness and Glory of the Armenian Civilization.
(Added: 7-Nov-1999 | Hits: 121 | Rating: 10.00 | Votes: 1 )

The Golden Age of Armenian Literature Info | Rate It
"Written by Gevork Nazaryan. oon after the establishing of educational institutions to further spread the use of the new alphabet, St. Mesrop embarked on..."
(Added: 30-Oct-1999 | Hits: 127 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

The History of the Armenian Evangelical Church Info | Rate It
The history and benifits of the Armenian Evangelical Church. Bibliography of the Armenian Evangelical publications (in Armenian & in English).
(Added: 1-Apr-2000 | Hits: 76 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

The Official Web Site Of Nagorno-Karabakh Info | Rate It
All kind of information about NKR. Mirror site of http://www.nkr.am/
(Added: 18-Jan-2000 | Hits: 121 | Rating: 8.65 | Votes: 422 )

The Spirit of Armenia. Info | Rate It
The Armenians have had their share of suffering, but events have failed to destroy the spirit of the Armenia. Article @ Travel Notes.
(Added: 7-Nov-1999 | Hits: 122 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

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