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Armenian Music

Classic (4)
Jazz (3)
Pop and Rock (26)
Rabiz (4)

All Time Armenian Favourites Info | Rate It
(Added: 27-Jan-2004 | Hits: 1648 | Rating: 8.20 | Votes: 5 )

American Recording Productions Info | Rate It
Traditional Armenian and Middle Eastern music record label.
(Added: 6-Jun-2000 | Hits: 1282 | Rating: 6.25 | Votes: 8 )

Antoine Bezdjian's Official Web Site Info | Rate It
Lebanese-Armenian famous singer.
(Added: 4-Oct-2002 | Hits: 629 | Rating: 7.96 | Votes: 49 )

Aram Rian's Web Site Info | Rate It
New armenian songwriter and composer Aram Rian's Web Site. You can find a personal info, history of his music, photo galery and more. Also the information about Aram Rian's rock-drama "Passions of Cain".
(Added: 15-Dec-1999 | Hits: 1037 | Rating: 8.17 | Votes: 6 )

Aravod Armenian Music Ensemble Info | Rate It
The Aravod Ensemble is a young group of musicians based in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. They have performed traditional and modern Armenian music coast to coast. Check out their website for more information including sound clips and pictures.
(Added: 15-Nov-2000 | Hits: 1050 | Rating: 9.11 | Votes: 9 )

Arax band -Australia Info | Rate It
Arax has released a new CD called "Made in Armenia" it's very modern. listen to the songs on-line an watch the video clip.
(Added: 17-Sep-1999 | Hits: 1190 | Rating: 7.75 | Votes: 4 )

Arev Armenian Folk Ensemble Info | Rate It
The AREV Armenian folk ensemble presents the musical traditions of the Armenian people to the world community by incorporating both traditional folk as well as contemporary instruments. This is our reflection of the heritage and present reality of the Armenian Diaspora.    
(Added: 31-Jan-2001 | Hits: 766 | Rating: 7.75 | Votes: 4 )

Armbroadcast Info | Rate It
Armenian radiostations and TV channels online
(Added: 28-Mar-2007 | Hits: 81 | Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 )

Armen Movsessian Info | Rate It
Armen Movsessian has an international reputation as one of finest violin players. He possesses not only a prodigious technique but the rare ability to play mix varity of classical, traditional, jazz, rock, pop music with equal skill and an unerring sense of style. Currently living in United States Armen has performed at numerous events with artists such as Bery White,Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra Jr., Natalie Coll and many others.
(Added: 15-Mar-2003 | Hits: 675 | Rating: 9.06 | Votes: 18 )

Armenian tv Info | Rate It
watch tv.video,clips,chath,music,game,
(Added: 2-Nov-2007 | Hits: 209 | Rating: 7.00 | Votes: 1 )

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